Konstitution von Nichtwissen und Unsicherheit im Sprachgebrauch – ein programmatischer Systematisierungsversuch

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Published May 3, 2023
Niklas Simon Nina Janich


In this paper, we propose a systematisation of the constitution of ignorance and uncertainty
in language use and interaction. To this end, we first distinguish between a local and
a global perspective on ignorance and uncertainty constitution. For the local level of ignorance
and uncertainty constitution, we propose that four different types of linguistically indexed attributions
of ignorance and uncertainty can be distinguished, with which the speaker/writer refers
to different knowledge domains involved in the social process of local knowledge constitution.
We then provide an overview of the inventory of linguistic signs that can be used to index such
attributions and, building on this, distinguish four different forms of ignorance and uncertainty
indexing that can be used in heterogeneous ways to signal the different types of ignorance and
uncertainty attributions in specific contexts and situations. For the global level of collective ignorance
and uncertainty constitution, we propose a model of different types of propositional
constellations that can be used discourse-analytically as a basis for external ignorance and uncertainty

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Simon, Niklas, and Nina Janich. 2023. “Konstitution Von Nichtwissen Und Unsicherheit Im Sprachgebrauch – Ein Programmatischer Systematisierungsversuch”. Fachsprache 45 (1-2):5-27. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v45i1-2.2235.
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epistemische Qualität, Modalität, Negation, Nichtwissens- & Unsicherheits-Zuschreibungen, sprachliches Inventar, Temporalität, Wissenskonstitution, Wissenstypen, Wissenschaftskommunikation