Research Update


This section includes – chronologically ordered and continuously updated – all short text offerings on new development strands in research: reviews, disputations, conference reports as well as webinars with discussions on current publications or special issues.


- Dissertation: „Text:Welt:Rhetorik – Zur Wissenskonstitution in der Neonicotinoid-Debatte“
Niklas Simon, Technische Universität Darmstadt (November 2022)

- Conference Report: 23rd European LSP Symposium: Shaping knowledge through language: LSP in theory and practice
Jan Engberg, Aarhus University (December 2022)

- Tagungsbericht: Diskursgrammatik. Jahrestagung 2022 des Forschungsnetzwerks Sprache und Wissen, Heidelberg 5.–7.10.2022
Sven Bloching, Carina Kiemes, Marcel Kückelhaus (December 2022)

- Book Review: L’Homme, Marie-Claude (2020): Lexical Semantics for Terminology. An Introduction. (Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice 20). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins. ISBN 978-90-272-0467-7.
Prof. Dr. Karolina Suchowolec (December 2022)