Fragen und Antworten. Wissenskonstitution in Kontroversen am Beispiel des Glyphosat-Diskurses

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Published Apr 30, 2021
Nina Janich Niklas Simon


In this article we address the notion of questions and answers in written texts as it contributes to the construction of scientific knowledge in public discourse. Looking at two different text types, we explore the interactional aspect of knowledge construction manifested in the texts through the general principles of asking and answering as well as the rhetorical application of the mechanisms detected in public discourse: As an illustrative case we analyse “rapid reactions” of scientists made available by journalists as well as Q&As from environmental organisations, industrial corporations, lobbying groups, and the media in the public debate over glyphosate in Germany. The results show a wide range of rhetorical functions and point at the relevance and the extensive potential of questions and answers as rhetorical tools for knowledge construction in public discourses about scientific knowledge.

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Janich, Nina, and Niklas Simon. 2021. “Fragen Und Antworten. Wissenskonstitution in Kontroversen Am Beispiel Des Glyphosat-Diskurses”. Fachsprache 43 (1-2):22-51.
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