Terminologisierung in DIN 2330, Abschnitt 2 Überlegungen zur Konstitution eines terminologischen Systems in einem terminologischen Text

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Published May 30, 2017
Thorsten Roelcke


The analysis of terminologization – interpreted here as the genesis of more or less complex terminological systems in linearly organized texts – deals with subjects such as: the structure of terminological systems, the linearization of introducing terms by various definitions, the explication of their meanings, terminological vagueness and metaphors, as well as, among other areas, coherence and cohesion of texts through terminological usage, etc. In view of the terminological norm DIN 2330 by Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. this article demonstrates some steps for analysis in this form and contrasts the terminologization in DIN 2330 with that in Gueintz’s Deutscher Sprachlehre Entwurf (1641). It aims at a new linguistic methodology that is applicable to further LSP texts in German and other languages.

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Roelcke, Thorsten. 2017. “Terminologisierung in DIN 2330, Abschnitt 2 Überlegungen Zur Konstitution Eines Terminologischen Systems in Einem Terminologischen Text”. Fachsprache 34 (1-2):65-86. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v34i1-2.1362.
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