Zur Gliederung von Fachsprache und Fachkommunikation

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Published Nov 15, 2014
Thorsten Roelcke


Coming from the tradition of classifying languages for specific purposes (LSP), the field of LSP research turned towards a more applied approach during the last years. While classification of LSP is still a highly discussed topic due to the heterogeneity of specialised communication, tackling concrete communication issues came to the fore in the frame of dealing with applied linguistics approaches. Unfortunately, the actual approaches fail with respect to completeness and principles due to a lack of system thinking. For filling the gap identified in the current literature, this article presents three new sketches: 1) a horizontal structuring, focusing on economic sectors (extraction of raw materials, production of raw materials, services rendered to humans, and processing of information); 2) a vertical one considering different levels of experts and laymen; 3) a typology of LSP texts including a symbolic, an appellative, and a conceptual dimension. Conclusively, these three typologies are merged for an exhaustive classification of LSP.

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Roelcke, Thorsten. 2014. “Zur Gliederung Von Fachsprache Und Fachkommunikation”. Fachsprache 36 (3-4):154-78. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v36i3-4.1305.
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