Das (verhinderte) Potential der Mehrsprachigkeit Vom mehrsprachigen Schreiben deutschsprachiger Wissenschaftstexte Später Einblick in eine Reihe von Schreibwerkstätten (2015–2017) an der Universität Wien

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Published Nov 5, 2021
Eva Zernatto


This paper introduces the results of a series of writing workshops about “Mehrsprachig Schreiben” [Multilingual Writing], which took place at the University of Vienna between 2015 and 2017. The article poses the question, how individual, multilingual potentials can be used productively and creatively for the development and enhancements of academic literacies in the tertiary education sector. First it focuses on the linguistic landscapes at Austrian Universities such as the handling of multilingualism in this context, as well as it concerns the framing conditions and challenges of academic writing per se, before it shows the terms of the writing workshops and the methodical and didactical approach in connection with the concept of a multilingual process orientated writing didactic. On the basis of an exercise example (“Meine Sprachen und ich” [My languages and I]) it is responding in the end to the concrete challenges of multilingual academic writing at “German speaking” universities.

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Zernatto, Eva. 2021. “Das (verhinderte) Potential Der Mehrsprachigkeit: Vom Mehrsprachigen Schreiben Deutschsprachiger Wissenschaftstexte Später Einblick in Eine Reihe Von Schreibwerkstätten (2015–2017) an Der Universität Wien”. Fachsprache 43 (3-4):175-92. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v43i3-4.2010.
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