Decision-making in Translation A Pilot Study of Students’ Translation Processes

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Veröffentlicht Mai 30, 2017
Helle Dam-Jensen


This paper describes and discusses the results of a research experiment established with the purpose of finding out how a group of MA students go about the task of solving potential translation problems. The study is based on the assumption that bilingual dictionaries are widely used by students, but that students lack the competence required to give reasons for their decisions when choosing between equivalents listed in the dictionary. In a broader perspective, this means that they do not use the tools available in an efficient way. On the basis of the results, dialogue protocols are discussed as a research method. Moreover, it is suggested that a number of process-research methods should be used in the classroom as well as collaborative work to improve the ability of students to justify their choices in the translation process and to encourage critical thinking.


Dam-Jensen, Helle. 2017. „Decision-Making in Translation A Pilot Study of Students’ Translation Processes“. Fachsprache 34 (3-4):146-64.
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process research, translator training, dialogue protocols, equivalents, tools, decision-making