Dissertation: “Danish as a second/foreign language – BA students’ written L2 genre competence. A comparative examination of Danish native speakers’ and German L2(Danish)-learners’ mastery of formulaic language in selected genres”

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Published May 15, 2017
Irene Simonsen


This dissertation investigates how BA students with German as a native tongue (L1) write particular genres (abstract, commentaries, press releases) in their second/foreign language, Danish (L2).

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Simonsen, Irene. 2017. “Dissertation: ‘Danish As a second/Foreign Language – BA students’ Written L2 Genre Competence. A Comparative Examination of Danish Native speakers’ and German L2(Danish)-learners’ Mastery of Formulaic Language in Selected genres’”. Fachsprache 39 (1-2):80-84. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v34i1-2.1263.
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