Clock - Fire - Mirror Mumford´s City as a Relational Frame of Communication Technology and Culture



Veröffentlicht Mai 5, 2017
Rich DiCenzo


The city as cultural mechanism, social form, and as communication technology, resembles language, developing, storing, and transmitting culture. The city as a collective human orga­nism, maintains a niche, adapting to, and transforming the environment. The relations of cul­ture and communication technology can be framed in the human scale of the city and evalua­ted in terms of spatial and relational structurc, thc matcrialization and internalization of abstraction, and the synthcsis of the organic and machine esthetic - of form and function - quality of lifc. Temporally, enduring fonn and practice sustain change. 


DiCenzo, Rich. 2017. „Clock - Fire - Mirror: Mumford´s City As a Relational Frame of Communication Technology and Culture“. MedienJournal 19 (1):17-25.
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DiCenzo, Clock, Fire, Mirror, Communication, Technology, Culture