How to Tell the Truth without Outraging the Press? The Impact of Commercialization on Chinese Media



Veröffentlicht Apr 3, 2017
Li Xiguang


The commercialization of meclia in China has cultivated a new journalism business model characterized with scandalization, sensationalization, exaggeration, oversimplification, highly opinionated news stories, one-sidedly reporting, fabrication and hate reporting, which have clone more harm than good to the public affairs. Today the Chinese journalists are more prey to the manipu/ation of the emotions of the audiences than being a faithful messenger for the public. Une/er such a media environment, in case of news events, particularly, during crisis, it is not the media being scared by the government. but the media itself is scaring the government into silence. The Chinese news media have grown so negative and so cynica/ that it has produced growing popular clistrust of the government and the government officials. Entering a freer but fearful commercially mediated society, the Chinese government is totally tmprepared in engaging the Chinese press effectively and has lost its ability for setting public agenda and shaping public opinions. 


Xiguang, Li. 2017. „How to Tell the Truth Without Outraging the Press? The Impact of Commercialization on Chinese Media“. MedienJournal 30 (2-3), 37-51.
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