Die latente Medialisierung der Justiz. Eine Fallstudie zu populären Gerichtsverfahren in der Türkei



Veröffentlicht Mär 19, 2019
H. Sena Lezgioglu-Ozer


This paper aims to observe the mediatization process of the judiciary by presenting two cases from a larger multiple case study carried out on popular trials in Turkey. The author regards the media as a part of the construction of social and cultural reality together with the social and cultural sphere. The paper analyses how popular trials are presented in news coverage and on Twitter. It further addresses the interrelation between the media and the institutional (judicial) sphere by discussing how public presentation of trials might affect judiciary decision-making. The paper observes that the mediatization of the legal cases has four elements, namely the dramatization of legal cases, criticism of legal proceedings and parties, parties’ attempts to persuade the media through strategic communication efforts and the developments in the judicial process. It is asserted that even though the judicial decisions do not directly refer to the media, judicial decisions are mediatized in a latent way.


Lezgioglu-Ozer, H. Sena. 2019. „Die Latente Medialisierung Der Justiz. Eine Fallstudie Zu populären Gerichtsverfahren in Der Türkei“. MedienJournal 42 (4):93-104. https://doi.org/10.24989/medienjournal.v42i4.1763.
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mediatization, trial by media, tabloid justice, judiciary