Terminologiearbeit für das Gerichtsdolmetschen: Eine Umfrage unter österreichischen Gerichtsdolmetscher*innen eine Umfrage unter österreichischen Gerichtsdolmetscher*innen

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Published Apr 19, 2024
Tanja Wissik Vesna Lušicky Elena Chiocchetti


Knowing and collecting specialised terminology is part of legal interpreters’ and translators’ (LITs) daily work and professional competences. It is also an important quality aspect. In 2021, about 100 Austrian LITs participated in a survey aimed at collecting data on their knowledge of basic terminology principles and standards as well as their attitudes towards terminology work. Results show that terminology work is generally done under time pressure, rarely employing state-of-the-art tools, often disregarding terminological principles and without considering advantages related to data maintenance and exchange. The answers collected suggest that many LITs would benefit from hands-on training on tools and methods for sound and adequate terminology work targeted specifically at their professional group and activities.

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Wissik, Tanja, Vesna Lušicky, and Elena Chiocchetti. 2024. “Terminologiearbeit für Das Gerichtsdolmetschen: Eine Umfrage Unter österreichischen Gerichtsdolmetscher*innen: Eine Umfrage Unter österreichischen Gerichtsdolmetscher*innen”. Fachsprache 46 (1-2):20-39. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v46i1-2.2247.
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court interpreting, legal interpreters and translators, legal terminology, terminology principles, terminology work