Towards a Marine Accident Frame Extraction of Predicate-Argument Structures with Word Sketches

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Published Nov 4, 2022
Päivi Pasanen


This paper presents the results of a study that combines information extraction by means of word sketches with corpus-based analysis. In the analysis, terminological information was extracted from a corpus of investigation reports by retrieving the word sketches of the selected verbs. The aim of the study is to demonstrate how to identify predicate-argument structures in a specific domain corpus by adopting the principles of Frame-based Terminology (FBT). Thus, this research shows how FBT can be applied to different scenarios such as a marine accident event, which is the object of this study. The long-term goal is to build a marine accident frame by utilising the predicate-argument structures identified in this study. The predicate-argument structures and the evolving frames can be used to enhance the representation and understanding of marine accident events. Thus, the predicate-argument structures are presented for consultation to future end users of the results, namely the stakeholders in the field of maritime safety, including maritime English teachers, as well as LSP teachers and terminologists.

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Pasanen, Päivi. 2022. “Towards a Marine Accident Frame: Extraction of Predicate-Argument Structures With Word Sketches”. Fachsprache 44 (3-4):148-68.
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Frame-based Terminology, predicate-argument structure, marine accident event