Constructions, cadres conceptuels, cartographies mentales. Représenter les connaissances pour les transmettre en cours de langue étrangère.

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Published Nov 6, 2020
Matthieu Bach


The linguistic innovation has brought in the last three decades two main theoretical tools that are fully functional: the construction grammar and the frame semantics. The present work makes a proposal to unite both frameworks in order to exploit their respective contribution in a pedagogical perspective. The aim is (i) to operationalize the theoretical junction, and (ii) to propose to exploit it by using mind maps, which elaboration is based on the observation of the speech praxis.

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Bach, Matthieu. 2020. “ : Représenter Les Connaissances Pour Les Transmettre En Cours De Langue étrangère”. Fachsprache 42 (3-4).
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cognitive semantics, applied construction grammar, frames semantics, pedagogy, corpus