Conceptual relationships and their methodological representation in a dictionary of the terminological uses of lexical semantics

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Published May 5, 2020
Miguel Casas Gómez


For several years, a research project focused on the study of terminological uses of lexical semantics has been developed. From this investigation, specifically, in the terminographical praxis of a dictionary of the terminological uses of lexical semantics, we are observing considerably more conceptual content than could be expected, as this is a lexicon of the technical uses of lexical semantics, rather than one of technicisms. This means that, starting from explanatory sub-indices, it is necessary to create as many terminological documents as there are different acceptions for each lexicographical entry. In this article, besides presenting the methodological procedure used for our explanatory model of terminological representation, as well as the terminological graphic interface, we will focus on the study of the conceptual relations existing in this specialized area. These will appear in a terminographic interface through nodes showing the type of relationship existing among terminological uses. Our main aim is to prove, by means of the analysis of a series of terminological units, how the different conceptual relationships constitute a relevant rule for linguistic behaviour in the identification and establishment of the various uses and sub-uses corresponding to each terminographical entry.

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Casas Gómez, Miguel. 2020. “Conceptual Relationships and Their Methodological Representation in a Dictionary of the Terminological Uses of Lexical Semantics”. Fachsprache 42 (1-2):2-26.
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terminology, terminography, lexicography, conceptual relationships, dictionary