Metaphorik im Kommunikationsbereich der Sportfachsprachlichkeit

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Published Oct 29, 2019
Wenke Mückel


Metaphorical elements are a highly productive language means in live reports about sport events on TV. They occur in different relations to what is simultaneously seen on screen and depend on the reporter as well as on the special kind of sport. But nevertheless, general structures and functions of metaphors in those medium-bound oral texts can be indicated; as one of the markers they contribute to what is often called language of sport or maybe rather communicative template of sport. Examples taken from TV reports of the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games (both took place in 2016) are used to illustrate this character of metaphorical expressions in sport reports on TV.

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Mückel, Wenke. 2019. “Metaphorik Im Kommunikationsbereich Der Sportfachsprachlichkeit”. Fachsprache 41 (S1):87-100.
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Metaphorik, Sportsprache, Live-Bericht, Sportübertragungen im Fernsehen, Sportfachjargon, Fernsehreportage