Kollokationen in der Fachsprache des Marketings: Entwicklung und Anwendung eines Extraktionsmodells

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Published Nov 3, 2017
Guadalupe Ruiz Yepes


The aim of this article is to explore collocations in the language of marketing. The method used relies on the description of scientific papers in the field of marketing published in specialised journals on the basis of a computer-held text archive or corpus in three languages (German, English and Spanish). In the first chapters different definitions for collocations are presented and the methods which have been applied for the extraction of collocations from corpora up to now are described and analysed. On this basis a new model for the extraction of collocations from corpora is presented and applied to the corpus. The results of the extraction of collocation candidates for German, English and Spanish are compared with each other and final conclusions are drawn. The results and findings of this piece of research can be applied to improve the performance in the fields of Translator Training and Second Language Acquisition.

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Ruiz Yepes, Guadalupe. 2017. “Kollokationen in Der Fachsprache Des Marketings: Entwicklung Und Anwendung Eines Extraktionsmodells”. Fachsprache 39 (3-4):139-57. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v39i3-4.1483.
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collocations, languages for special purposes, marketing, corpus linguistics, phraseology of marketing