Zur Pragmatik und Grammatik der Wissenschaftskommunikation. Ein Modellierungsvorschlag

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Published May 30, 2017
Mathilde Hennig Dániel Czicza


The article aims to examine grammatical features and pragmatic concerns of communicating in the sciences. In the research of certain languages, it became common to explain
grammatical features such as the usage of passive voice and nominal structures by communication requirements such as objectivity and precision. With the assumption that communication in science is designed to help gain and spread new insight, the authors tried to integrate several approaches to pragmatic and grammatical features of communication. By discussing the relationship between the grammar of certain languages and of the corresponding common language, the article also places the subject of communication in the sciences in the discipline of language variation.

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Hennig, Mathilde, and Dániel Czicza. 2017. “Zur Pragmatik Und Grammatik Der Wissenschaftskommunikation. Ein Modellierungsvorschlag”. Fachsprache 33 (1-2):36-60. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v33i1-2.1380.
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