On the Discursive Construction of the Equity Story in PowerPoint Presentations

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Published May 15, 2016
Marianne Grove Ditlevsen


It is the aim of this paper to contribute to a communication perspective on the study of the equity story seen as a strategic management tool within Investor Relations (IR). To be more
specific, a first step is offered towards developing characteristics of how the equity story is discursively constructed. An international small-scale study of selected PowerPoint presentations serves as point of departure. The focus of the analysis is three main characteristics of the equity story when seen as an IR strategic management tool: the importance of both forward and backward looking parameters; the importance of both financial and non-financial information; and the two inherent, potentially conflicting communicative purposes: to give a true and a fair view of the state of the company’s affairs and to provide a positive image of the company. In order to account for the discursive construction of these characteristics, a method assemblage is applied and an analysis of temporal reference, a topic analysis and an analysis of visual means of communication have been conducted. The study reveals two main characteristics of the discursive construction of the equity story that point to the strategic use of the equity story not only as a means of making a company’s share attractive, but also as a means of making it more attractive than comparable companies’ share.

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Grove Ditlevsen, Marianne. 2016. “On the Discursive Construction of the Equity Story in PowerPoint Presentations”. Fachsprache 38 (1-2):24-41. https://doi.org/10.24989/fs.v38i1-2.1278.
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