Evaluation of business models of urban IoT-applications for a medium sized city

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Published Jul 16, 2020
Ferdinand Fischer Birgit Schenk


Digitalization of the public sector is being driven by a number of factors. In particular, the concept of "Smart Cities" has become an important driver of this development. This relies heavily on an intelligent infrastructure including the Internet of Things (IoT). But does it make sense for small and medium-sized municipalities to develop this? Is it justified to invest in IoT? (How) can a mediumsized city benefit from it? This paper presents the application of an evaluation scheme for business models of urban IoT applications to answer these questions. The research question focuses on how best practices of urban IoT applications in general and in particular can be evaluated. In order to establish a concrete practical reference we evaluated ten chosen IoT applications for the German city of Herrenberg.

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Fischer, Ferdinand, and Birgit Schenk. 2020. “Evaluation of Business Models of Urban IoT-Applications for a Medium Sized City”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 338 (July):393-403. https://doi.org/10.24989/ocg.338.31.


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