Three Major Cities of Baden-Württemberg - Are They Really Smart Cities?

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Published Jul 11, 2018
Birgit Schenk Thomas Laue


In this paper we discuss the term Smart City and its components, to design a framework to compare three major municipalities of Baden-Württemberg who declared themselves Smart Cities. The theoretical framework is based on scientific definitions for the different terms related to Smart Cities. To compare the cities we gathered open and public data to guarantee transparency of the evaluation. Hence this is only possible when cities are “smart” so that this method is an indicator itself of a Smart City. We focused on three major cities of Baden-Württemberg who already advertise for being a smart city in comparing different studies.

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Schenk, Birgit, and Thomas Laue. 2018. “Three Major Cities of Baden-Württemberg - Are They Really Smart Cities?”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 331 (July):79-88.


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Smart City, Smart Service, Smart Data, Baden-Württemberg


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