eServices as a challenge for small municipalities - Slovak Republic experiences

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Published Jul 16, 2020
Silvia Ručinská Miroslav Fečko


Cities are using smart city and eGovernment solutions as modern trends also to enhance the management of the city and to get the citizens and entrepreneurs more engaged. Cities in the Slovak Republic are thus introducing ICT based services in order to cope with legal state obligations and also as a natural decision based on specific needs of the municipality. eGovernment developed and introduced on the national level by the state, combined with eServices at the municipality level, mutually lead to a modern, smart and better functioning city. The article is focused on current Slovak Republic’s experiences in the field of eGovernment, more concretely on the provision of eServices in small municipalities, which make up the majority of the entire municipalities in the Slovak Republic.

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Ručinská, Silvia, and Miroslav Fečko. 2020. “EServices As a Challenge for Small Municipalities - Slovak Republic Experiences”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 338 (July):383-92.


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eGovernment, Smart City, Slovak Republic, Municipalities, Municipality Data Centre