European Union digital single market - Get connected or still a vision from the Slovak Republic perspective?

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Published Mar 1, 2018
Silvia Ručinská Miroslav Fečko


European Union Internal Market has become a key element of the European integration and of a citizens´ daily life. Some of the European Union Internal Market´s components are well established and functioning, others have still to struggle with existing barriers. New information and communication technologies and the digitalisation challenged the European Union Internal Market and the European Union Member States to move into the digital era. European Union Member States are now facing the need to adapt the four economic freedoms as a crucial part of the European Union Internal Market to a digital freedom. The aim of the article is to analyse the current state of play of the European Union Digital Single Market and to identify most common and urgent existing obstacles of the European Union Digital Single Market from the perspective of the Slovak Republic.

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Ručinská, Silvia, and Miroslav Fečko. 2018. “European Union Digital Single Market - Get Connected or Still a Vision from the Slovak Republic Perspective?”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 325 (March):19-27.


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European Union, Internal Market, Digital Single Market, Slovak Republic, Barriers