Introduction of integrity in Hungarian public administration

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Published Mar 17, 2022
Miklós Polgár Zsolt Brambauer


The requirement of integrity is a new area of Hungarian public administration. Better to say, the preludes and principles could be found in administration before its actual legal institution by law.

In this paper I am going to analyse the antecedents of integrity in Hungary, then the areas of evolving of integrity will be shown step by step (e.g. acts, education, and preparation). Later, I will write about the actualities of integrity in Hungary.

At the end of my paper you can read about the results and possibilities of the introduction of integrity in the administration of Hungary.

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Polgár, Miklós, and Zsolt Brambauer. 2022. “Introduction of Integrity in Hungarian Public Administration”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 335 (March):439-46.


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