Digitalization in the decision-making process in the local government in the Republic of Moldova

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Published Jul 16, 2020
Diana Chiriac Igor Chiriac


The article contains reflections on the needs of the processes and reforms in progress in the Republic of Moldova. Many external and internal factors such as globalization, informatization and communication, democratization and opening of the society, international benchmarking of the governance performance, increase pressure for more responsive and accountable governance around the world, by requesting more transparency, accountability, efficiency or delivery of quality public services and tangible results. These requests have steadily influenced traditional behavior of administration in many developing countries. Formal reports on PA functioning have been gradually replaced with reports that reveal more evidence on wider community benefits, generated as a result of good governance performance. The traditional, implementation-based approach could not answer the question whether implemented reforms have also produced intended results. At the same time the government needs such feedback to assess outcomes and impact and then to feed this information back into the decision- making procedures.

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Chiriac, Diana, and Igor Chiriac. 2020. “Digitalization in the Decision-Making Process in the Local Government in the Republic of Moldova”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 338 (July):405-13.


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informational resource, electronic register, legality control, transparency, decisionmaking process