Social Media as a channel for public sector transformation via online mentoring

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Published Jul 15, 2020
Nadine Baumann Christian Schachtner


The mediatisation of communication leads to different and innovative ways of interaction, even in the public sector. Moreover, internal communication in cross-functional teams is part of projects in public management, so communication via social media not only has to work outwards, but also inwards.

Online mentoring is regarded as a part of social media communication. This study focusses on how mentors and mentees experience online mentoring, as working with online media makes the process of mentoring special. The concept follows working methods of agile teams, which use asynchronous handling processes and retrospectives as added values to achieve objectives.

Counselling concepts such as mentoring continually influence working methods of the public sector. Thus, social media elements open new paths to change strategies concerning working tasks.

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Baumann, Nadine, and Christian Schachtner. 2020. “Social Media As a Channel for Public Sector Transformation via Online Mentoring”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 338 (July):217-29.


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