Building an effective information security awareness program

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Published Jul 15, 2020
Ildikó Legárd


Many researchers and experts in the field of information security agree that the user is the weakest link in an organization’s chain of information security. Even if the system’s and the stored data’s physical and logical protection is well developed, the human factor exposes security to significant risk. The effective protection against the threats is to provide security awareness through implementing a well-developed and successful Information Security Awareness Program.

Although organizations are able to recognize the importance of information security awareness, the implementation of the awareness programs can be difficult. The aim of this study is to help organizations to develop an effective Information Security Awareness Program tailored to the characteristics of the organization. The paper presents how we can build a program that influences and improves the user’s knowledge, attitude and behavior the most towards information security and makes positive changes in the security culture of an organization. To achieve that goal, the study identifies the key elements of the implementation, compares traditional awareness programs with modern trainings and highlights the importance of communication channels and methods. There is no single solution to improve information security, the essay summarizes and shows the most effective techniques that experts can use in order to seize the user’s attention toward information security, to establish credibility and trust, and to motivate action.

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Legárd, Ildikó. 2020. “Building an Effective Information Security Awareness Program”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 338 (July):189-200.


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