Learning from ITIL for efficient internal services of authorities

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Published Jul 15, 2020
Anne Diedrichs


In the following, we highlight why IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) proposals, which have long been established for the management of IT services [8], can add value to the management of services offered by the Internal Services division of authorities.

The Internal Service divisions of authorities offer a wide range of services that may differ from one authority to another. However, as a rule, the following services are offered as core offers:

  • Mail processing, messenger service, document creation and management, duplication and printing, e.g. business cards.
  • Facility management including winter maintenance and cleaning of buildings, access control and security, vehicle availability. However, facility management is usually a major part of provided internal services.
  • Procurement and internal materials management, more and more as the implementation of decentralized activities of the consolidated processes.

Adapting methods and procedures from ITIL can help to provide an overview about all offered internal services and makes the point of contact transparent for each of them. Furthermore, implementing support systems following that idea generate necessary information for keeping track of individual service requests. Hereon, even online steering mechanisms become possible as it is standard for IT services as of today.

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