Thinking German IT consolidation to the end - An approach to user training in the context of IT consolidation

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Published Jul 15, 2020
Carolin Hilgers


The consolidation and centralization of the IT landscape and software is meant to gain synergy effects and cost savings. Uniform processes and IT procedures within a corporate group or administrative department prevent redundant data storage, ensure uniform data maintenance and facilitate the evaluation of this data, assist cooperation and increase transparency.

In literature, various success factors are discussed in this context. These studies all focus on the changeover process, but not on the subsequent productive operations of the IT procedures. Accordingly, the published concepts of IT consolidation in Germany, for example, contain exactly this and end at the rollout of the various projects.

But, a structured user training is essential for the long term conservation of the advantages of uniform IT procedures mentioned above. Therefore, a consolidation of the IT procedures requires also a consolidation and structuring of the associated trainings. This paper discusses the necessity of structured and continuous training programs in the context of IT consolidation. It arranges the basic characteristics of those programs und derives the requirements for systems and trainings environments to operate them.

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Hilgers, Carolin. 2020. “Thinking German IT Consolidation to the End - An Approach to User Training in the Context of IT Consolidation”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 338 (July):57-66.


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