Revisiting open data research through the Lens of the Data Value Chain

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Published Jul 12, 2018
Csaba Csáki Andrea Kὄ


While the idea of open government data is not new, there appears to be a constant shift in leading research objectives guiding the field. This is because the reasons behind the increased research interest keep changing. The latest motivation stems from economic arguments, namely the reuse of public sector information) – which in turn creates a market for open-data based value added services. Although over the last decade many research topics have been identified and various research agendas have been proposed, most of them either focus on specific areas or are rooted in the popular approach of the time. Using the idea of the data value chain, this paper provides an integrated view of open government data research – which then allows a systematic and consistent identification of research topics and clarification of corresponding open questions in the area of open data quality. Research areas proposed are context/environment (policy and regulations), supply side (government organizations), consumer side (service providers and users), (societal or economic) impact, and technology (supporting the DSC, including the data). In addition – and what is regularly missing from most reviews – theory (providing definitions and a sound base) is considered as the sixth area.

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Csáki, Csaba, and Kὄ Andrea. 2018. “Revisiting Open Data Research through the Lens of the Data Value Chain”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 331 (July):205-17.


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