OTT Regulation a way of combating cybercrimes

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Published Jul 12, 2018
Veronica Mocanu


In the past decade we have witnessed a rapid expansion of the Internet gadgets, Internet services and internet applications. This revolutionary communication network has significantly changed the way people live, communicate, and conduct business. However, from legal perspective all of these new challenges remain under covered, things that frequently could generate harm, abuses and cybercrimes. Therefore, by this research, it is proposed to discuss the main risks, which are generated by using of uncontrolled OTT and present perspectives of regulations. The article includes topics such as description of OTT regulations practices used for the moment, problems generated by chaotic regulations of OTT, perspective that we have to take, need for licensing and certification of new internet applications and services, setting of quality standards, and proposes for involvement in development.

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Mocanu, Veronica. 2018. “OTT Regulation a Way of Combating Cybercrimes”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 331 (July):395-406.


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