The role of information instruments in ensuring transparency in scientific research (the case of the Rep. of Moldova)

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Published Feb 14, 2018
Holban Ion Cuciureanu Gheorghe Minciuna Vitalie


The present paper shows several information instruments created in the Republic of Moldova for the purpose of ensuring transparency in science, innovation and scientific staff training. Their evolution, the way in which they could help enhancing transparency in Moldovan researchdevelopment- innovation system, shortcomings in ensuring greater visibility, have been investigated. Three information instruments developed (or under preparation) by the Information Society Development Institute have been examined in detail: i) National Bibliometric Instrument – a digital information system which is a database for collecting, classifying and processing public data on scientific publications in Moldovan scientific journals; ii) EXPERT online – an online information system for applying and assessment of draft programs and projects in the area of science and innovation; iii) Digital Map of Science – a platform in which the functions of existing systems are to be integrated under a common roof in order to provide one-stop-shop services.

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Ion, Holban, Cuciureanu Gheorghe, and Minciuna Vitalie. 2018. “The Role of Information Instruments in Ensuring Transparency in Scientific Research (the Case of the Rep. Of Moldova)”. Central and Eastern European EDem and EGov Days 325 (February):237-48.


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transparency, information systems, open science, digital content, research management