Internet Adoption in the Post-Communist Countries



Veröffentlicht Juli 1, 2002
Daniela V. Dimitrova


The Internet is becoming more and more popu1ar in every country around the globe. Yet huge disparities in Internet penetration exist between countries. W hile there is an increasing concern about the dangers of a global "digital divide;' still very little is known about the factors that influence Internet diffusion at the country level. This exploratory study focuses on Internet adoption in the post-communist countries. Specifically, it examines the effects of income, infrastructure, and democratization on Internet use. The results show that, in addition to national income and teledensity, civil liberties emerge as a critical determinant. 


Dimitrova, Daniela V. 2002. „Internet Adoption in the Post-Communist Countries“. MedienJournal 26 (3):64-74.
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