Socio-cultural theories as ideology? The need for a design-theoretic, multimodal approach to learning

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Veröffentlicht Apr 1, 2017
Staffan Selander


My concern here is the hegemony of socio-cultural approaches in educational research, especially the use of socio-cultural perspectives as a general ideological orientation. Although the perspective has widened our understanding of situated learning, it seems that the value of socio-cultural perspectives has come to an end. It cannot, is my argument, give us the necessary clues to learning. Instead, a design-theoretic, multimodal approach will give us the adequate perspective and analytical tools to understand learning in different kinds of formal and non-formal settings.


Selander, Staffan. 2017. „Socio-Cultural Theories As Ideology? The Need for a Design-Theoretic, Multimodal Approach to Learning“. MedienJournal 32 (1):40-47.
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