Multimodality, media, learning and identity

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Veröffentlicht Apr 1, 2017
Carey Jewitt


This paper asks how the contemporary multimodal landscape of the digital era effects learning and opportunities for identity formation. It outlines the need to understand the broad move toward non-linguistic forms of communication and the scope of the visual and multimodal in education, in particular visual practices that might lead to learning. It briefly outlines the ways in which representational and communicational resources are reconfigured through media technologies with particular attention to how this opens new conditions and functions for authorship and changed practices of visual production and dissemination. What this reconfigured communicational landscape means for learner identity formation and management is then briefly discussed. The paper concludes with a short discussion of the challenges and questions these changes present for education.


Jewitt, Carey. 2017. „Multimodality, Media, Learning and Identity“. MedienJournal 32 (1):31-39.
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