Big Data and the Economics of TV Broadcasting. Where is the Public Value?



Veröffentlicht Sep 11, 2017
Paul Clemens Murschetz


The paper explores how big data creates opportunities to enhance value relationships between TV broadcasters, audiences and advertisers at the convergence of broadcast and broadband TV. Big data research requires much closer attention to critical issues in the social and cultural sciences – with a focus on media and communication studies and its subfield media management – in an attempt to inspire our understanding that big data would only be the dominant “techno-economic paradigm”. While asking how
big data adds value to a broadcaster’s decision on corporate strategies in Connected TV is legitimate and important, we remain skeptical, as to what effectively is to be gleaned from big data in broadcast TV when the socio-cultural dimensions are unresolved and the strategies of audiences sold as mere data commodities to advertisers are critical.


Murschetz, Paul Clemens. 2017. „Big Data and the Economics of TV Broadcasting. Where Is the Public Value?“. MedienJournal 41 (3):15-28.
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Potenziale, Risiken, Big Data, Leitmedium Fernsehen, kritisch-normative Perspektive, Medienökonomische Sichtweise, Analyse Konvergenzfernsehen, Mehrwert für Nutzer, Überwachung, Individualisierung, Rationalisierung des Konsums, Kommodifizierung des Mediums