Modellierung in der Fachkommunikation

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Published Nov 15, 2013
Carmen Heine Klaus Schubert


Modelling in the field of specialized discourse communication takes place both at the interface between theory building and special discourse didactics, and theory and practical application. In this paper, we describe modelling practices of communication and specialized discourse (LSP) models, and we examine the scope, relevance and information value of a number of selected models of this field in a developmental perspective. We shed light on contemporary modelling practices, and zoom in on the models’ nature, objects, purposes and perspectives. Our analysis identifies a number of prevailing modelling foci, some of which may point towards a paradigmatic shift. In the light of this and the reciprocal influences perceived between theoretical modelling approaches and practical application, we suggest potential future modelling scenarios.

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Heine, Carmen, and Klaus Schubert. 2013. “Modellierung in Der Fachkommunikation”. Fachsprache 35 (3-4):100-117.
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